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Carl Friedrich Gauß

* 1777 in Braunschweig
+ 1855 in Göttingen


Gauss Gauß

Gauss Gauß
Gauss Gauß

  German mathematician who contributed significantly to many fields,
including number theory, algebra, statistics, analysis, differential geometry, matrix theory,
geodesy, geophysics, mechanics, electrostatics, astronomy, and optics.

          Friedrich Gauß     Gauss GöttingenCarl Friedrich

Gauss und Weber in Göttingen                         Göttingen, Städtischer Friedhof
mein Foto 17.9.2017                                   mein Foto 23.6.2009 

Gauss Sternwarte Göttingen  

mein Foto 23.6.2009

Göttingen Observatory (Universitätssternwarte Göttingen, Göttingen University Observatory).
Carl Friedrich Gauss became the first director of the Observatory, and lived there between 1815 and 1855.

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