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Wilhelm Eduard Weber

* 1804 in Wittenberg/Saxony
+ 1891 in Göttingen/Hanover


Wilhelm Eduard Weber

The physicist Wilhelm Eduard Weber was one of the The Göttingen Seven (German: Göttinger Sieben),
a group of seven liberal professors from Göttingen.
In 1837, they protested against the abolition or alteration of the constitution of the Kingdom of Hanover by its new ruler,
King Ernest Augustus, and refused to swear an oath to the king.
In 1831, on the recommendation of Carl Friedrich Gauss,
Weber was hired by the University of Göttingen as professor of physics,at the age of twenty-seven,
working about Geomagnetism and Electrodynamics.
Gauss and Weber constructed the first electromagnetic telegraph in 1833,
which connected the observatory with the institute for physics in Göttingen.

Carl Friedrich Gauß

Gauss und Weber in Göttingen
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